Polyester and PP polypropylene strap production

OMSTRAP is a leading company in the production of PP polypropylene and PET polyester strap.


The company has advanced production lines, which allow the production of strap of different sizes and thicknesses, depending on the use to which they are destined.
The strap produced has the ability to be personalized. The excellent print quality in three colors, allows to promote and enhance the corporate brand, all at very low cost.
All the straps produced are subject to strict quality controls that ensure total reliability.
Polypropylene strap, 100% recyclable, allows an easy disposal too.
The polyester strap has characteristics of high toughness. Infact it canreplace the steel strap. Particularly suitable in all situations in which Polypropylene strap will be overly stressed.
The HOT MELT and the COMPOSITE strap can be used with buckles in situations of particularly difficult packaging

Production, sale and service of machines and packaging materials
After 30 years of technical and commercial experience in the packaging industry, OMSTRAP is proposed as a distributor of strapping machines for boxes and bundles of magazines, while also offering machines and packaging equipment and related consumables materials, providing technical assistance to 360°.